Some Of My Favorites



Let’s remember now that as primitive hunter developed, cooking became a social activity.  As thousands of years progressed, every culture developed a unique food philosophy.  The way we cook our food tells a lot about who we are and the elements of our environment and can engage all the senses.

The act of cooking itself is a spiritual pursuit. Cooking can be a journey towards the rediscovery of the self and creation of new perspectives. It can elevate the soul to great heights and arouse a heavenly bliss by pushing a person’s happy buttons. In certain cultures, cooking is perhaps the highest form of meditation, culminating in a spiritual ritual for nourishing the soul and balancing the cosmos forces of yin and yang.

Culinary is the art of cooking. I declare I am no culinarian, but I can surely add a dab here or a pinch there and enjoy exploring the fire in my kitchen by either baking, grilling, boiling, or microwaving.

Let’s play with fire, splash some ingredients and pinch some spices….