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The Perfect View Of Our Beautiful Area

The view from the viewer!

It’s not necessary what you look at but what you see that provides the viewpoint and perspective of how we look at the world or how we voice our thoughts and feelings.  The perfect view is letting ourselves being absorbed by all the things around us without any preconceived notions or trying to control our surroundings.  Let the sight arouse our curiosity, and provoke a meditative state by merely gazing in thoughtful wonders.

The beauty of a single picture can tell an entire story.  Many photos pieced together is an essay of importance narrative…. it’s a speech, a voice and a way of shouting, or of freeing oneself by the storytelling of meaning and answers.

I hope that the views will speak volume to the viewers, without even having to say a single word…


Portage Bay Road, 2019 with Stella and Jak.


Temiskaming Nordic Ski Club, 2019